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Your registration will be rewarded with notification of class and alumni events.  Registration information is listed in the Members Services section and is only available to other members who have a user ID and password.

By optionally submitting a password (requested on the form), you are applying for access to the Members Services section and in so doing agree to have your own data posted in that section and accessible to other alumni.  This information will be accessible only to other registered alumni with a user ID and password.

If you do not want any of your information to be listed, including your E-mail address, please use the word private for your password.

If you want only your E-mail address to be available to other registered alumni who have access to this section, leave the password section blank.  Your other information will be kept private and will not be given to anyone other than those responsible for sending mail, etc.

If you choose not to fill in the the password section or use the word private for your password, you will not be granted access to the Members Services section.

# Sometimes I'm a little busy and it may take a few days to get you on the list.

To successfully register, please fill in all fields.  A username will be assigned to you (such as your last name), but you will need to create a private password at least 5 characters long.  If you haven't yet registered for a user ID and password, please do so and we will add you to the account and e-mail your notice of membership with your user ID and password - if you are an Austin High School alumni.  Together these will be your "key" into the Members Services section from now on.

After you are granted access, your web browser will ask you to type in your username and password the first time you try to access the Members Services section.  When you do, the browser will remember this information for as long as it continues to run, so you can continue to access any data or document in data section without being asked for it again.

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